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I’m going on vacation. Should I take extra steps?

This article from Erie Insurance a few Februaries back shares some great information about how to protect your pipes from freezing when you're spending your winter vacation away. The damage from a frozen water pipe could be even greater if you aren’t around when it bursts. “These tend to be big claims because the water almost always runs a lot longer,” says ERIE Agent Mark... Read Article

How to Protect Your Home from Melting Snow

You probably have an idea of how to winterize your home. (And if not, we can help you with that!) However, it’s not always clear how to protect your home from melting snow that leaves slush, mud or water in its wake. Melting snow can cause damage to foundations and personal property (both indoor and outdoor) if it’s ignored. If this sounds like something you’re... Read Article

Get Ready With a Winter Preparation Checklist

It’s been a delightfully mild fall, but chances are that snow is just around the corner. Here’s a great winter preparation checklist from Bob Vila to help you prepare your home. Winter preparation results in lowering your energy bills, increasing the efficiency and lifespan of your home’s components, and making your property safer. Read the source article at Bob Vila... Read Article